Sound Progress

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Our Programs

Climate Justice

Sage centers communities disproportionately impacted by climate change at the center of climate resiliency strategies, and advocates for co-benefits, both environmental and economic, to come directly into impacted communities. Sage is changing the debate on climate change in our region, with community-based research, policy solutions, leadership development and coalition organizing.

Affordable Housing

Sage envisions a Seattle where all workers can afford to live close to their work. In the face of unbearable housing costs and gentrification, we work with leaders across the region to stop the displacement of low-income communities and communities of color out of our urban core and develop policies to advance a vision for equitable development.

Community Leadership Institute

Sage equips social justice advocates with not just a voice, but a seat at the table, by training emerging leaders from low-income communities and communities of color to sit on local and regional boards and commissions to advance an equity agenda.

Good Jobs

Sage is on the forefront of a renewed movement for economic justice in our region. We reduce inequality by advancing policy, such as minimum wage, paid sick leave, access to full time jobs, enforcement of good job standards, and placement of people with barriers to employment in public workers construction jobs.

Transit for All

Sage advocates for transportation spending, planning and decision-making that directly benefits low-income communities and communities of color. In coalition with leading transit advocates, we are expanding transit service, making transit policy decisions more equitable, empowering community as planners, and increasing investment in community-serving transit oriented development.